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Wave V2 - Midnight Blue

$2,399.00 $1,499.00
"The Main seat with initial purchase can only go in the top position, to put a seat on the lower position you do need to...

Wave V2 - Midnight Blue with Tandem Seat

$2,898.00 $1,699.00
Wave Midnight Bundle includes 1 x carrycot, 1 x main toddler seat and 1 tandem seat Wave is the latest travel system from Silver Cross...

Wave Tandem seat -Sable

$499.00 $199.00
The tandem pushchair seat is for use with the Wave package, making it an ideal addition for a second baby. Combine the tandem seat unit with...

Pioneer Special Edition Expedition

$1,799.00 $1,199.00
With global and heritage influences, the Pioneer Expedition pram and pushchair will take you and baby on an exciting voyage of discovery. With warm bronze...